As it has always been the case,I ran into the same Service Unavailable Error while trying to book my return ticket to coimbatore at 8 A.M.Dejected,I tried to book it from Thomas cook and i  had a complete shocker.The Tatkal reservations in other Irctc vendors like Thomas cook,Make my trip has been changed from 8 A.M to 9 A.M.I really don’t get it!Irctc can’t handle the traffic rush in the wee hours of booking,so it joined hands with the other service providers who offered similar services to Irctc.That list can be found here.
                                                      But,even with these alternatives,It takes me atleast 10-15 mins to book a confirmed ticket(30 mins in my worst case scenario,when I ran into Waiting list).By 8.20 or 8.30 almost all the tickets would have been booked.Then whats the point in booking with Thomas cook n other sites as its crystal clear that we will be pushed even further back into the list.Whats wrong with the Railways Smt.Mamtha Banarjee?You may have no role in the recent train mishap(Which she called a sabotage-Give me a break!),but you definitely need to look into this issue as it has been persistent for the past 2 years in a row.We really don’t want to waste money in booking n cancelling tickets(everytime atleast Rs.25 is lost including net charge).So make a calculation.If on an average 1,00,000 people make online booking,then Railways profit in ticket booking n cancellation alone adds to:
                                                   Thats a whopping 50 Lakhs!!!!!!No wonder Railway is the highest revenue getter for the Indian Government.What do you guys Feel?

Recently I visited the Official Google blog where i found people claiming that labels and meta tags are not used by Google’s Caffeine to Index the blogs.They are internal to the Blogs structure and play not part in the Indexing process.But I think otherwise.When I first created my blog,I used to club was blog with a lot of labels(More than 10,even 15) and I found that Google was not Indexing the Blog.Then I changed my template and then removed a few labels as it was looking crowded in my Blogumulus.Then out of 26 posts 21 of them were Indexed and I was really  happy.Then all of a sudden,Google De-Indexed my pages and it was reduced to 2.When I checked my robots.txt,I found many conflict Issues.Then as a trial N error,I enabled to show all the Labels in my Blogger.Even though my Indexed pages was still 2,my Blog was appearing in Google search N is currently occupying top spot in Irctc Greasemonkey Fix.So now I am confused!Does Labels really play a vital role in SEO operations or its just internal to the Blog template.Well one thing is for sure,If you have more labels,more traffic will be diverted to your post,but they will have a very tough time navigating through all the related posts N arriving @ the results.What do u feel?As per me -The More Labels You Display,The More Traffic.Am I Wrong Here?

Finally I was able to book my ticket online within A minute!Wow.That was the fastest booking ever made by me.Was this just fluke or whether Irctc has come with a possbile fix?But I am damn sure it wasn’t fluke or luck.Man, I had some horrbile experience with Irctc online booking system which always returned me the Infamous Service Unavailable error.By the time I get access into the site,the tickets would have entered the Waiting list category.Thanks to the greasemonkey script & the solution guide which i found here.I also made sure that I entered the username N pass and kept my mouse hovering over the Log-in button,so that I can enter the site when the clock strikes 8.And trust me If you get inside the Site exactly as it strikes 8,you will not experience any error and you can successfully book your ticket.Keep an eye on your taskbar clock to click right @ 8 A.M.If you miss then,getting inside will be extremely difficult and you will encounter the SERVICE UNAVAILABLE error on more than one occasion especially while selecting your train station N after the payment menu.I hope you would find this guide useful.I also use other sites like Thomas cook Make my trip etc to book my ticket.For a list of Online Booking Indian Railway Portals,check out the authorized service providers list from here.

15 Rail accidents in a span of just 11 months!Talks of Assurance N no action taken,none so ever.Sometimes I really wonder what is happening with My country(India).Supposed to be the largest Rail service provider in Asia N the Second in the world,its riddled with more accidents than anyother Country in the WORLD.It is also the highest revenue accumulator for the Indian govt.But not a single month passes by without a Tragic rail accident.Then the blame game starts.Just a few days back,a devastating mishap occurred where ,the Uttar Banga Express rammed into the  Vananchal Express @ Sainthia town in Bengal.63 poor souls lost their lives,with majority of the casualties belonging to the hindmost unreserved compartment.
                                                         Then without even an Inquiry being conducted,fingers start pointing @ the Driver of the train,with the railway officials claiming that he had more than 500 metres to bring the train to a halt.Is it possible to stop a train running @ 100 km/hr to come to a sudden halt within 500 mts?You are risking the life of the entire ppl,or worse the train might get Topsy turvy just adding more casualties.This is a classic Real life Rang De Basanthi were Madhavan(One of the characters in the movie) becomes the scapegoat for the F-16 crash,which claimed his life.Just like that,the Driver was framed for the Incident until recently conducted investigations claimed that he was not on drugs N was neither drunk,thereby clearing him of all charges.Had he wanted to escape,he could have jumped out of the train N saved his Ass.He died so that he can atleast save a few lucky souls only to be smashed to bits.
                                                What was the station master doing?What were the people monitoring the tracks doing?All these questions goes unanswered.All we get is some sort of condolence from the Union or state Govt,promising some sort of a compensation package and 1 govt job for a family.That job will also be a minion job.All the government does it to do initiate the blame game,cry sabotage or scramble for a scapegoat,who by no means will not be involved in this incident.If Railways revenue is achieving newer N newer bounds day by day,why can’t they implement newer tracks instead of the bi-track system which often results in traffic congestion’s N delays in travel.Implement better safety precaution system to intimate the driver about any subsequent error or unforseen consequence.Why can’t they have better communication equipment?On top of that incase a train accident occurs,then why cant the rescue team be equipped with better rescue equipments so that the rescue work can proceed without any delay.
                                             It doesn’t matter whether its Lalu Prasad,Paswan Or Mamta is the Railway minster.They can’t be blammed for the mishap as they are’nt involved in this.The only people who can be included are the Railway officials @ the Stations,the Signal monitoring people,the track monitoring ppl etc.Why didn’t the Station employess divert the train to an alternative track if they knew that  Uttar Banga was also approaching platform 4.Why is a lot of time consumed in the loading N unloading of goods at each N every station?There was a major negligence from the side of the officials,which other wise would have been a danger which could be averted.Human error is the primary cause, leading to 83% of all train accidents in India
                                                  Incase you wanna know the wonderful history of Indian Railways,check out the accident list below:
*2 January 2010:Three separate accidents took place which involved 5 trains in Uttar Pradesh due to dense fog conditions.
      1)Lichchavi Express entering the station rammed into the stationery Magadh Express train near the town of Etawah 
     2)Gorakhdham Express and Prayagraj Express collided near the Panki railway station in Kanpur leaving 5 people dead in the Mishap(As per Govt Sources) and more than 40 injured.The unofficial count was more than 30.
   3)The Sarayu Express broke into a tractor trolley at an unmanned railway crossing.
*3 January 2010:All seven coaches of the Arunachal Pradesh Express, running between Murkongselek and Rangiya, derailed at a place between Helem and Nij Bogaon in Assam.No casualties reported. 
*16 January 2010: The Kalindi Express and Shram Shakti Express collided in thick fog in India’s northern state of Uttar Pradesh leaving 3 dead & around a dozen injured.Fingers were pointed @ the driver of Shakti expresses for overlooking the signal which eventually led to the mishap.
*17 January 2010: The Lucknow-Sultanpur Harihar Nath Express hit the car at Barha railway  crossing leaving 2 dead & 4 injured.
*22 January 2010:  A goods train derailed near Azamgarh in Uttar Pradesh,where three bogeys of the train caused a traffic congestion for more than  6 hours.
*8 May 2010:The Visakhapatnam – Secunderabad/Hyderabad 2727 Godavari Express had a narrow escape when the rail bogeys got detached from the engine following a coupling failure.No casualties was reported.
*25 May 2010: India’s pride the Rajdhani Express bound for Guwahati from Delhi derailed in Naugachia in Bihar as the driver applied emerygency brakes after hearing an explosion of very high intemsity.
*28 May 2010: Gyaneshwari Express train  got derailed in West Bengal after a suspected naxal attack and was rammed into by a goods train leaving atleast 170 dead .
*4 June 2010: Mini bus was hit by the Coimbatore-Mettupalayam special train at an unmanned level-crossing at Idigarai near Coimbatore on Friday. Five people were killed in the accident.
*18 June 2010: The 8084 Amaravati Express from Vasco-da Gama to Howrah derailed near Koppal (Karnataka) after ramming into a road-roller at an unmanned level crossing leaving 27 injured.No death was reported. 
*19 July 2010: Uttarbanga Express collided with the stationary Vananchal Express resulting in more than 69 dead & 180 injured and still rescue works unearthing more and more bodies.
                                                    Well I guess that winds it up!Plz take a look @ the statistics and think whether we should keep Mum and just let this go off the hook or stand up for our safety.Is there no value for Human Life???
Reality show!Hmmm…Guess Big Brother was the  tv show which had the features of a series of shows probably year after year where the Audience also plays a vital role.After its grand success,many Individual channels started hosting Reality shows packed with a punch.India too joined this race N launched programs like Indian Idol,Mtv Roadies which were chartbusters and fetched extremely high Trp ratings.The critical reason behind its success was the inclusion of people to be a part of the program which provided the common man a sort of dynamic feeling compared to the same monotonous N lachrymosal serials(Especially in India).
                                                                  Reality shows consists of purportedly unscripted dramatic or humorous situations, documents actual events which definitely ads a social spark.They follow a pattern of Elimination which is primarily decided by the Vote a contestant gets via Sms(In India).I wanna express utter disrespect for this sort of method because its not only unethical,but I also doubt its credibility as we are not provided any proof in its regard.I wanna talk about the Asianet Program Idea Star singer which is currently about to enter its fifth Season(What A Run!).I hate this show to the core.So many genuine N unique talents have been voted out of the program for lack of Sms vote.Is Sms the real criteria or Talent?Not once,not twice but 10 extremely gifted contestants have been eliminated as per me,which really makes me wonder whether these reality shows are aimed @ discovering newer talents or brain draining our youngesters into a Mirage where they will retain the Show stoppers till almost the end of show N then kick him out @ the penultimate stage(Like Somdas).
                                                            Now a days most of the Asianet Offshore programs features these contestants instead of Professional singers which definitely is a budget saver for Asianet,which was  definitely their plan from the very beginning.Not to mention halfway through the series I can predict the winner myself(Like I did for Najim N Vivek).Also they tend to host some charity shows N all to make the mass move with them.Wake Up people!This is a tirade against our people.If this voting feature is still continue,then atleast stick to your heart N vote for the right talent  & not Appearance.I really feel that Human emotions are being traded for the green.Money talks!JaaGo India JaaGo!Go have TATA TEA…..youngsters career plans are ruined as they are more N more motivated by the money.Not to mention children are also forced to enter this game(Parents please don’t push them)out of compulsion.Please put a ban on these kind of shows.Enough money making!Deliver some quality programs which can be beneficial for the community as a whole N not just rake in money.Please give this a thought N comment.

Google Adsense is undoubtedly the crowned King of Web based Advertisement Agency.Often considered to be the Oldest N the most aggressive Ad company,they are the most widely used Ad company with their Ads appearing in various sizes N shapes throughout the Website Or Blogs.Google has a very strict TOS which can be detrimental to people who depend entirely on Adsense revenue.Google is very critical of new users joining Adsense Affiliate program fearing that people might indulge in Fraudulent schemes N Rob Google off its trusted Advertisers.Although I have to admit that a lot of people do indulge in these malpractices,some genuine guys are also getting affected in this way.If some Whacko comes N clicks on your Ad’s which are irrelevant to your site content,Google considers it as a violation of TOS & immediately Puts a Ban on your account.These things are way beyond your control.Not to mention,any earnings you have made will not be debited to you.Not to mention Google’s support is absolutely desolate.Also a lot of Advertisers are being forced to withdraw some of its products as it was violating is TOS which resulted in loss of revenue for the Advertisers.Pissed Off,they decided to call off the business with Google N have decided to go for other Advertising agencies.The following is a list of my favourite Alternatives starting with my favourite and then to the others:
6)Yahoo Publisher Network
7)Ad Toll
8)Exit Junction
9)Fast Click
10)Target Point
Now for a detailed look:
1)Adbrite:This is my favourite alternative to Adsense which is packed with some of the features not available in Adsense.Although they have limited Ad’s ,Adbrite comes with 2 unique Ad’s which comprises of Full page Ad’s N Inline Ad’s which can help you earn some quick bucks.Adbrite also has better pay per click package compared to Google’s Adsense.They are easily customized N can be added to the blog or site without any hiccups.They also provide a Referral program where you can earn a few buck.Their terms N conditions are pretty much relaxed and are open to any domain.
                                            The profit is shared on 75/25 basis.About half of AdBrite’s Composes of sales are generated from the marketplace and sales team, while the other half are generated from users clicking “Your Ad Here” on your website.Unlike Adsense,which provide Ads which on most occasions  fetch low rates,Adbrite provides more revenue and better ads which can work in conjunction with other Ads like Google ,Chitika etc without creating any violation issues.Ad rite also lets you select your own minimum bid prices and give you the option of showing an alternative ad service such as Clicksor when bid prices fall below your minimum.
 BottomLine:Adbrite sometimes can be very choosy about its customers N sometimes wont consider hosting their Ads on your site if it feels that your blog contains materials copied from other websites or contains Copyright materials.Make sure your blog contains genuine stuffs else all you can see is nothing but “Your Ad Here”  .You can join Adbrite Publisher Program from Here.or
2)Bidvertiser:They are a worthy replacement for Adsense,with Ads more than Adbrite.Bidvertiser also provide you with a lot of features like Blocking Unwanted Ad’s and also provide unique Ad formats which can be really Intriguing at times.They pay you either in $25.00 increments by check or $10.00 increments via paypal.As far as I know they offer the best referral program.I myself have made more than $200 a month from just referrals alone.Incase you are really interested in many a few bucks with them join their Afficliate Program N earn a few bucks.Click Here to Join.One caution note!Don’t tr y to cheat Bidvertiser,cause they have a much more advanced check system which can find fraudulent activites N Bidvertiser will ban you almost instantly.
var bdv_ref_pid=330492;var bdv_ref_type=’t’;var bdv_ref_option=’p’;var bdv_ref_eb=’0′;var bdv_ref_gif_id=’Click Here To Go to Website’;var bdv_ref_width=0;var bdv_ref_height=0;
<a href=””>pay per click</a>To Make a few bucks or click on either one of the options below:
For Advertisers:var bdv_ref_pid=330492;var bdv_ref_type=’i’;var bdv_ref_option=’a’;var bdv_ref_eb=’0′;var bdv_ref_gif_id=’ref_110x32_yellow’;var bdv_ref_width=110;var bdv_ref_height=32;
<a href=””>pay per click</a>
For Publishers:var bdv_ref_pid=330492;var bdv_ref_type=’i’;var bdv_ref_option=’p’;var bdv_ref_eb=’0′;var bdv_ref_gif_id=’ref_110x32_yellow_pbl’;var bdv_ref_width=110;var bdv_ref_height=32;
<a href=””>pay per click</a>
3)Chitika:Chitika features So many Ad’s that it makes you wonder whether this alone is enough to make some bucks.Founded in 2003 helps web publishers generate revenue using innovative -publisher-side advertising and merchandising solutions and services.Chitika is built as an add on Ad feature to incorporate other Ad’s also.They have extremely lenient TOS & you have very little risk of getting Banned. Chitika instead provided active boxes that showed targeted products from different manufacturers. If you ran a blog for example and discussed a product you might have found the Chitika box showing links for this product and competitors products. If people purchased these products you would get paid a commission.
                                                            Chitika Ads will work if people come to your blog from a search engine.Also Chitika Ad’s appear for Seo’s coming from Us or Canada which really is a drawback.Otherwise it wont display ad’s & you can show other Ads of Adsense or Adbrite or Just collapse it to nothing.So Chitika displays Ad’s which are releated to the user search query thereby increasing the chances of you receiving a click using the concept of Click Prediction Technology.Chitika offers payment by PayPal (with a $10 minimum) or via Check (with a $50Minimum).Click Here to Join Chitika.
4)Infolinks:When it comes to Inline Ad’s then Infolinks is the name that strikes me.They use a completely different algorithm to find the keyword N phrases,just like Adbrite Inline,which will be relevant to the Post or search there by increasing chances of receiving a click.Your webpage will look really cool with Adbrite N Infolinks Interspersed.
                                                                             Infolinks also has a better payment package than other commercial Inline packages.The unobtrusiveness makes it a very attractive way to monetize your site without inundating and alienating your visitors with flashing banners, pop-ups etc.They help me target your keywords N find links for you which will surely earn you many more clicks than what you would normally get.Infolinks pays you either using Paypal or via check.Go to the Website From Here.
5)Clicksor:Recent entry into small publisher Ad’s is Clicksor.They have payouts upto a market leading 85% and unlike a number of alternatives the cost per click bid values are high enough that you can earn a decent income.A lot more flexible than Google Adsense,Clicksor’s ad’s are a lot more context or keyword oriented.Make sure that you always keep a keywords list with you so as to maximize your chance of getting clicks via Clicksor.
                                                        Multiple Websites N Blogs can be maintained under the same Id,and only the Index page of the BLog /Website need to be approved).Once  the minimum payment has been reached,payments are made either by check or instantly through PayPal ($20.00 minimum for PayPal). Revenue totaling less that $50 (PP $20) will rolled into the following period. The pay period is based on a 15 day schedule so you can get paid much more frequently.Recently Clicksor has been found to be more choosy about approving the sites which is a cause of concern for some Publishers. Clicksors contextual engine takes sometime to kick off ,after which it really starts flying.It might take approximately 24 to 72 hours for Clicksor Ads to appear on your site.Click here to sign up for Free N get your Ad’s.
6)Yahoo Publisher Networks:Yahoo has been trying hard to catch up with Google(Even tried to get into an agreement with Microsoft to target Google).Launched in 2005,they have been trying to provide their own contextual Ad service.As expected this is just a facsimile of Google’s Adsense with the minimum $100 payout.Currently in Beta stage,they have been extremely choosy about their Advertisers N publishers,which makes me think that they intend to have Loyal customers who will abide by the company.We may need to wait for some more time till the Ad’s will appear in the net.
7)Ad Toll:A small yet effective Cpc oriented Ad provider is Ad Toll,based on the Peel Away Ad Technology,featuring a button or Flash icon on the top right corner or sometimes in the bottom.Its a very innovative strategy where the website layout is not affected much.Ad Toll provides payments which are available via Cheque, Paypal, ePassporte and Wire/Bank Transfer. It is also possible to use the revenue you earn as a publisher to advertise your website.Not to mention this new Ad feature from Ad Toll is bound to draw curious visitors in checking them out.
8)Exit Junction:A Pheonix!that’s what Exit junction is.It’s a Spin off from the now defunct Revenue Pilot,which was shut down ,this still progressed continuously gaining strength with every passing time.They have a very uniquely featured Ad which no other Ad publishers offer. The key to Exit junction is that they focus on showing ads to users as they leave your site rather than as they arrive or as they browse.This results in a better chance of getting a few clicks as and when people come & go or shall we stay Stumble upon your site.
                                                          Implementing the Exit Junction javascript in your header section will display the Ad when the users press back button,which is really a cool feature.What happens is when a user enters your site via a search engine,when she /he presses the back button they will be shown an Exit Junction Ad between the Google search page N the Post page.You will be paid this as a page impression.The featuring Ad will be similar to the search query used by the visitor,which literally maximizes the likeliness of a click.So its always better to incorporate Exit Junction in your site as it can work in conjunction with the other Ad providers N help you fetch some bucks.They cover almost all the countries n payments are made irrespective of the traffic source.Payment mode includes Paypal or Check with a minimum check out of $25 .Click here to sign up with Exit Juntion.
9)Value Click(Previously known as Fast Click):These guys wanted to make big in the shortest interval,so they focused on only the top companies who can afford their Ad’s including some of them in the Tv’s too.But I guess now they have changed their approach inorder to include not only the big fishes,but also the smaller ones.If you can get approval from Value Click,then you can get some high quality N value Ad’s which can fetch you  some pretty high income.But Don have high hopes on it.Its most likely that they will turn the offer down.Offering a 65% payout on the number of earned clicks,Value Click sends the payment via Paypal or Check on the 25th of every month.
10)Target Point:Just like Value click,Target Point are very very choosy about their publishers,but once if you have access then you get complete liberty over the Ad’s.Registration is completely free & you can expect a minimum pay back of 60% of the total clicks you accumulated.Payment options include Bank checks, PayPal and Wire transfer.
                                                                          What I have presented above is based on personal experience & I am definitely not biased here.I have not included Admedia N other Publishers like Adsensecamp etc here because they offer very low prices unlike these guys and so better stay clear of them as they tend to slow down your site for good!

Beginnings The Lost Tapes:These tracks are the first foundations of One of the world’s greatest rapper.We can a hear a young Tupac Shakur full Of Vigor N Vigor taking on the Rap game during his teen.
About Tupac:
Tupac Amaru Shakur (June 16, 1971 – September 13, 1996),also known as 2Pac,Pac & also Makaveli was an American Artist who was a rapper,actor & also a producer.He has sold over more than 75 Million Albums worldwide making him  best-selling music artists in the world and was ranked @ 86 as the greatest Artists of all time.He was killed on September 13,1996 in a Drive by shooting that occurred in the Las Vegas Strip as he was heading for Club 662 for a performance,which was never gonna happen. 
1. Panther Power
2. Case of the Misplaced Mic
3. Let Knowledge Drop
4. Never Be Beat
5. Day in the Life
6. My Burnin’ Heart
7. Minnie the Moocher
8. Case of the Misplaced Mic, Pt. 2
9. Static Mix, Pt. 1
10. Static Mix, Pt. 2
Download From Below:

2Pacalypse Now:2Pacalypse Now was Tupac Shakur’s debut album, released in November 1991. Though less polished and lacking the hard-hitting produced beats of his later albums, it was his most overtly political work. He addresses social problems such as police brutality, poverty, teenage pregnancy, and drug use, some issues giving a lyrical glimpse into the world of a young black person on the urban streets of the United States. It is hailed by many critics and fans for its underground feel, with many rappers such as Nas and Talib Kweli having pointed to it as a source for inspiration from the album.Although the album was originally released on Interscope, Amaru Entertainment, the label owned by the mother of Tupac Shakur, has since gained the rights to it. The album generated significant controversy stemming from Dan Quayle’s public criticism after a youth in Texas shot a state trooper and his defense attorney claimed he was influenced by 2Pacalypse Now and its strong theme of police brutality. Quayle made the statement, “There’s no reason for a record like this to be released. It has no place in our society.”
                                                              The record never achieved the same success as many of Shakur’s later albums owing in part to rough construction and sometimes repetitive beats, but it was important in showcasing Shakur’s political conviction and lyrical talent. It featured three singles, “Brenda’s Got a Baby”, “Trapped”, and “If My Homie Calls”.
About Tupac:
Tupac Amaru Shakur (June 16, 1971 – September 13, 1996),also known as 2Pac,Pac & also Makaveli was an American Artist who was a rapper,actor & also a producer.He has sold over more than 75 Million Albums worldwide making him  best-selling music artists in the world and was ranked @ 86 as the greatest Artists of all time.He was killed on September 13,1996 in a Drive by shooting that occurred in the Las Vegas Strip as he was heading for Club 662 for a performance,which was never gonna happen. 
1 “Young Black Male”
2 “Trapped”
3 “Soulja’s Story”
4 “I Don’t Give a ~Censored~”
5 “Violent”
6 “Words of Wisdom”
7 “Something Wicked”
8 “Crooked Ass Nigga”
9 “If My Homie Calls”
10 “Brenda’s Got a Baby”
11 “Tha’ Lunatic”
12 “Rebel of the Underground”
13 “Part Time Mutha”
Download From Below:

Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z.:Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z. is a 1993 album released by rapper Tupac Shakur. Similar to his debut, the album contains many tracks emphasizing 2Pac’s political and social views. Debuting at #24 on the Billboard 200, this album saw more commercial success than 2Pacalypse Now, and there are many noticeable differences in production. It spawned the hits “Keep Ya Head Up” and “I Get Around” and reached platinum status. Although the album was originally released on Interscope, Amaru Entertainment, the label owned by the mother of Tupac Shakur, has since gained the rights to it.
About Tupac:
Tupac Amaru Shakur (June 16, 1971 – September 13, 1996),also known as 2Pac,Pac & also Makaveli was an American Artist who was a rapper,actor & also a producer.He has sold over more than 75 Million Albums worldwide making him  best-selling music artists in the world and was ranked @ 86 as the greatest Artists of all time.He was killed on September 13,1996 in a Drive by shooting that occurred in the Las Vegas Strip as he was heading for Club 662 for a performance,which was never gonna happen. 
1 “Holla If Ya Hear Me”
2 “Pac’s Theme (Interlude)”
3 “Point The Finga”
4 “Something 2 Die 4 (Interlude)”
5 “Last Wordz”
6 “Souljahs Revenge”
7 “Peep Game”
8 “Strugglin”
9 “Guess Who’s Back”
10 “Representin’ 93”
11 “Keep Ya Head Up”
12 “Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z.”
13 “The Streetz R Death Row”
14 “I Get Around”
15 “Papa’z Song”
16 “5 Deadly Venomz” 

Download From Below:
Download Cd1.
Download Cd2.

 Thug Life:Thug Life: Volume 1 was the first release by the group Thug Life, started by rapper the Slain Rapper Tupac Shakur, and was released on September 26, 1994. The album was originally released by Shakur’s label Out Da Gutta Records. Due to heavy criticism on gangsta rap at the time, the original version of the album was scrapped and re-recorded with many of the original songs being cut. The group featured Big Syke, Macadoshis, Mopreme, The Rated R and Tupac Shakur. Among the notable tracks on the album are “Bury Me a G”, “Pour Out a Little Liquor”, “How Long Will They Mourn Me?” and “Str8 Ballin”. In 1996 Big Syke and Shakur planned to create a Thug Life: Vol. 2 which would have been released on Makaveli Records. Although the album was originally released on Shakur’s label Out Da Gutta, Amaru Entertainment, the label owned by the mother of Tupac Shakur, has since gained the rights to it. 
About Tupac:
Tupac Amaru Shakur (June 16, 1971 – September 13, 1996),also known as 2Pac,Pac & also Makaveli was an American Artist who was a rapper,actor & also a producer.He has sold over more than 75 Million Albums worldwide making him  best-selling music artists in the world and was ranked @ 86 as the greatest Artists of all time.He was killed on September 13,1996 in a Drive by shooting that occurred in the Las Vegas Strip as he was heading for Club 662 for a performance,which was never gonna happen. 
1 “Bury Me A G”
2 “Don’t Get It Twisted”
3 “Shit Don’t Stop”
4 “Pour Out A Little Liquor”
5 “Stay True”
6 “How Long Will They Mourn Me?”
7 “Under Pressure”
8 “Street Fame”
9 “Cradle to the Grave”
10 “Str8 Ballin”
Download From Below: